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This document has been prepared for the use of conveyancers engaged to act for the Bank’s Clients in relation to Home Purchase Plans (“HPP”) and Buy-To-Let Purchase Plans (“BTLPP”) provided by the Bank. Due to the nature of these products, the Bank will be independently represented by its own solicitors on the finance aspects and management of the Conditions Precedents only.

The Bank instructs you for the purposes of and will be relying on your Certificate of Title, which incorporates the Law Society and UK Finance approved Certificate of Title, and you agree to this. The Bank is a member of UK Finance but does not use the UK Finance Mortgage Lenders’ Handbook for Conveyancers (the “Handbook”).

This document sets out information regarding the main queries generally raised by conveyancers and which may otherwise have been covered by the Handbook.

Please ensure you raise any enquiries with the Bank which would ordinarily be answered within Part 2 of the Handbook. Where a contact point is usually requested under the Part 2 requirements, please refer all enquiries to the Bank's solicitors to review and confirm whether the Bank will agree to proceed. Please assume that the Bank requires instructions to be taken on all matters before you can proceed.

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