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5.1 Original documents


All original documents signed by the Client, or any third parties must be provided to the Bank's solicitors at least five business days before completion.


5.2 Additional Documents


Documents are sent to the Bank in one pack for execution. Therefore, where additional documents are envisaged (e.g., deeds of covenant, licences, transfers, etc.), execution versions will be required as soon as possible (and no later than seven business days before completion) to ensure there is no delay in arranging execution by the Bank.


5.3 Amendments to Agreements


The Agreements are in the Bank's standard form and cannot be negotiated nor amended in any way.


5.4 Witnessing Documents


All Agreements are required to be witnessed by an independent, mature, third-party witness with no involvement in the transaction. The Client's Solicitor can witness the documents, but it is not a requirement of the financing that they do so.


5.5 Offer Letter


Offer Letters are valid for four months from the date of first issue by the Bank. If an Offer Letter was issued prior to 15th November 2023, it is valid for six months from the date of first issue. Please refer to the offer wording to ensure you advise your client correctly. The Bank will need to obtain credit re-approval to proceed after the offer has expired. You must advise the Bank's solicitors immediately if completion will not be taking place before the offer expires.


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